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                                                                             Marine Collagen Analysis Call


This call happens 4 to 5 days before Lifestyle Rewards (Autoship)


Before Call:

1.Send a text 5 days before LR is due to go out:

“Hi ______! It’s time for your Marine Collagen Analysis Call!  We are going to make sure we do that before  (Date of lifestyle rewards) During the call we will discuss your goals going forward, I’ll teach you how to place your order for month 2 and teach you how get the best pricing! Right now, ______ is in your cart.  

 (Option close to schedule)

"Is (day)  _____ good or would (day) ______be better?" 


2. Send confirmation text the day before:

“For your call tomorrow at ___, please be logged into your Back Office or into the IsaLife app. Username & Password: (in welcome email) Please write down the products that you like, the things you want to try (we have 65+ products) and I will show you how to get the best pricing!!”


The Call


1. Review their results and congratulate them on their progress

2. Re-evaluate their goals, reiterate peek being 120 days

3. Recommend a pack and other products that fit their wants and goals. 

4. Curiously, do you have any health goals you are looking to achieve as well?  "I'm sure you've seen at least some of the amazing nutrition we offer in our support group as well!! We have this great 20 min presentation that goes over our nutrition that you can view from your phone or PC. Would you be open to taking a look at that?"

5. Make sure they understand active status and the importance of it. Make sure that they understand why their Lifestyle Rewards (Autoship) will happen every 28 days and to set a reminder in their calendar to go in and adjust it monthly.

6. If not already, are they open to getting their products for free.  Schedule their 30 day results post in their calendar

7. If they are open to the business now that they have results, schedule a Business Intro with UP-Line Leader ASAP


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