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Collagen PI Call

Make sure they've watched the videos


1.  Find out how many doses they are planning to take per day

2.  Did they do their photos (if not reiterate the importance and how to do it)

3.  Did they download the isalife app

4.  Talk about the Isabody Challenge and take them to it in their app

5.  Proper expectations educate ie: everyone is different, different variables, typically the clinical studies have shown 30 days to start seeing, 120 for peak results.

6.  Ask them - "Would you appreciate getting your products for free?"  "Who are a few friends that would want to Glow Up with you" Help them do 2 reachouts 

7.  Take them to the Make a Post Page  (Have them make the post)

8.  Help them convert to associate and make recommended cart if they're ready to share


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