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Subject: Important Info from your Isagenix Support Team


Hi ________,


Welcome to the team!! You may have noticed my name in your back office as your enrolling sponsor!!  As an Isagenix Executive you have been assigned to my team for additional one on one coaching and support and I couldn't be happier to help you along your journey to ensure you are getting the experience you are looking for!!

[Share your story here. Before being introduced to Isagenix I was......]

I look forward to connecting with you to offer you tips and support on how to use your products as well as ensure that you get the absolute best pricing and take full advantage of our customer rewards when ordering! My contact info is below.  In the meantime... 


Here is my facebook handle _____________ Please feel free to sent me a "friend request"!


Make sure to download the isalife app here You can stay on track with your health goals with this convenient nutrition and fitness tracker, personal coach and product ordering platform in one easy-to-navigate app!!


Please join us in our private product support group!! 

This is our central hub for networking with our community, support, breaking news, resources and more. It will be a huge asset on your journey with all the free coaching and support and gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people.


For additional resources click here to visit our team website!


Here is my personal information. I am here to support you! Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can get you fully informed and on the right track to hit all your health goals!!  Feel free to phone, email or text!




 Best wishes,


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