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Health Discovery (Follow-up to presentation)

By asking questions, we put the true power of the decision into our prospect/partner’s hands. This allows us to focus on taking a Consultative approach, so we can discover what their true needs and desires are. When we’re asking questions, with a true desire to learn about how we can SERVE them...we’re never selling.

Note: This is just a framework and suggested line of questioning. Every situation is different. In the words of Anthony Robbins, “Let your prospect determine your presentation.”


Pro-tip: Use the 3-second count to make sure they’re truly done talking. Count in your head “1-Mississippi....2- Mississippi....3 Mississippi.”

Step 1: Connect & Build Rapport Quickly Using F.O.R.M

(F) Where are you from, name? Are you married/have kids, etc? How do you and ______ know each other?

(O) What kind of work do you do?

(R) What do you like to do for fun?

(M) What are you passionate about?

Pro-tip: Find common things of interest with them


Step 2: Take Down Their Guard

“I’m excited to connect with you. I’ve been using and passionately sharing Isagenix for _____ weeks/months/years and am simply here to serve you in this conversation. How can I serve you today?”

Step 3: Edify / Identify Their Goal

If you know their goal:


“Name told me that your goal is ______, I love that! You remind me a lot of ______ (enter in the name of a community member who they remind you of) he/she was a ______ (stay-at-home mom, stressed out corporate employee, etc) just like you and in just ______ (enter time) was able to achieve _____, ____ and ______ using our _____ system (enter weight loss, performance, wealth creation, etc)."

If you don’t know their goal (examples):

- “So what has us on the call today?”

- “What did ____ share with you that has you excited?”

- “What are your goals?”


Step 4: If You Had A Magic Wand...

“If you had a magic wand, how much weight would you want

to lose?“  

“If you had a magic wand, how much muscle would you love to put on?“

Step 5: Elicit An Emotional Response (by asking more questions!)

“Curiously, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being totally committed, how committed would you say you are to achieving ______ (enter their goal)?”

“If you achieve your goals, what are some things you’d be able to differently, which you can’t do right now?”

“Why is this so important to you?”

Pro Tip: The 7-Deep Technique - Ask “Why is it important to you that you ______” 7-times to discover their deep WHY.



Tell ANOTHER story about someone in the community (can be ANYONE, including YOU) that they remind you of; 30 Seconds TOPS!

Pro-tip: Know the stories so well that you keep this part brief and keep the conversation flowing.

Step 7: Make Sure They Feel Informed


“Are there any questions I can answer for you?” OR “What are some other questions I can answer for you?"

Answer any questions quickly and move into....

“Would you like me to make a recommendation for how to get started?" (Let them answer)

"Based on the goals you shared there are two packs I would recommend. One breaks down to $10/day, the other breaks down to $20/day. Remember, with both packs you’re having 2 meals a day provided for you.

The $10/day pack is a super basic bare bones system but still gives you the products you need to have a great experience, it comes with 2 meal replacement shakes a day, so you're only responsible for sourcing one balanced meal. You'll also get your cleansing products, adapatogens and a snack in this pack. It’s $308 plus tax - shipping is free.

The $20/day pack however is my highest recommendation based on the goals you shared - it’s truly a complete system. 

It’s called the Value Pak. It includes the complete 30 day system, so remember you're getting two meals a day, all of your adaptogens and cleanse support, but with this pack you’re also getting a bunch of snacks including healthy chocolates which are amazing, a box of meal replacement bars, whey/harvest thins which are a high protein savory chip so you can snack without the guilt, a canister of greens which has over 30 different kinds of vegetables, women's/men's vitamins which are like nutritional insurance, pharmaceutical grade, your body can actually uptake them, e+ shots which are healthy energy drinks that give you a focused sustained boost without the crash, a beautiful stainless steel travel blender.  With this pack you're getting all of my favorite products, it's really the best way to start if it works within your budget It's THE BEST recommendation. It’s $599 for your first 30 days, then you can drop down for the next month.


Which sounds like the best fit for you?

Step 8: "Who do you know?"

"Would it be okay if I showed you how to get your products for free?"

"Curiously, who are two people that you know would for sure wanna do this with you? (Let them answer).


"The reason I ask is because Isagenix doesn't spend any money on advertising and instead rewards its customers for our referrals. So when you help *friend name 1* and *friend name 2* get started you'll earn anywhere from $150 - $500 back right away. How awesome is that?" 

Step 9: ASK For The Order

“Do you feel like you have enough information to get started today?”


If They Say: "I have to think about it" or "I have to do more research":

(The goal of this this language focuses them and commits them to getting on another call)


You: “What specifically would you like to research? or "What specifically would you like to think about?”


Them: “I would like to research the science behind the products?”or “I would like to think about if this system will fit in to my busy schedule"


You: “Awesome. Why don’t we do this, we have a secret group on Facebook that I’d like to add you to that you can do your research in a focused way. I want to be mindful of your time, knowing that there is so much great information out there about Isagenix, I don’t want you to get lost in internet land. So, what I’ll do is add you to the secret group on fb and I’m going to tag you with an article regarding __"insert topic"____, how does that sound?”


Them: “That sounds great, I would really appreciate that.”


You: “Awesome, when do you think you'll have a chance to review the information regarding the clinical studies?”


Them: “Well, I can review them tonight when I get home from work.”


You: “OK, sweet, so if we were to schedule a call for tomorrow, you’ll have had a chance to review the article and we can answer any further questions that you have?"


Them: “Yes.”

You: “When are some times that work best for you tomorrow?”


Them: “I can do this same time.”


You: “Fantastic, I’m going to go ahead and add you to the group. Make sure you look at what I tag you in and we’ll just plan on talking again tomorrow at ______insert time_____." 

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