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Product Intro Call

Objective: To set someone up for an incredible product experience, do their social media post and get their products paid for.

The Product Introduction call should be done before someone starts their program.

Product Introduction Checklist

VERY IMPORTANT: If they have not already done so..... guide them thru turning them self into an associate before moving forward!!!!!!


1. They have reviewed the videos and resources at, and the Health Page ,and downloaded Isalife app. Physically take them to the page, have them book mark it and explain that all the key product resources are on here. 

2. Are in the Ignite Group on facebook 

3. They understand what a successful cleanse day and shake day look like. Walk them through that.

4. They have recorded their weight, measurements and taken their before picture

5. They have entered the IsaBody Challenge. "I mean who doesn't want $200 worth of free product 3 times per year??"

7. Explain to them the importance of and 

8. Reiterate their health goals

9. Even if they are not interested in the business assume they'd like to get their products paid for

10. Talk about accountability. Go over the simple reach-out suggestion on the Health page. Encourage them to create a social media post about their new Isagenix journey. Explain how to respond to people who are interested. 

11. Schedule their Health Analysis Call for 4-5 days before their Lifestyle Rewards. Put it in your calander.

12. Establish a check-in schedule- You want to check in frequently, especially the first week and cleanse day. 

Reminders that must be put in your calendar (VERY IMPORTANT FOR RETENTION)

  1. Start Date

  2. First Cleanse Day

  3. Health Analysis Call 

   4. Once per month check-in going forward

13. Schedule their Business Introduction call with up-line leader ASAP if interested in generating income.

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