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Make a Post

Upon Enrollment

Ask yourself or your personally enrolled these questions to compile an initial post.....

1.  What was most important to you when looking for a product?

2.  What was it that _____ said or did that resulted in you giving it a try?

3.  What do you hope to happen as a result of using the product?

4. Was there a results photo that played a part in your decision?

Things to include....

Results photo that had an impact on you

Post can be a culmination of the answers to these questions.  If there was a results photo that played a part, include it!

Thank your enrolling sponsor post

"I'm so excited to get started on this Marine Collagen Elixir that my friend _____ introduced me!!! I'm looking forward to experience _____, ____ and _____.  Thanks for hooking me up_____! My products haven't arrived yet but they are on the way! Anyone want to "Glow up" with me?" 

(Also great to attach a results photo, "Check out ______'s 30 day results!")

Progress Posts

You can find the Isagenix 30 day IG & FB Story Campaign here30 Day Campaign 

You can also find our 14 Day Canva Campaign here!!  ! 14 Day

Ask yourself these questions to compile your progress posts

1.  What have you learned about collagen?

2.  What are you experiencing?

3.  How does it taste?

Things to include.... 

1.  A photo of your order arriving

2.  A photo of the pretty packaging

3.  A photo of you drinking it

4.  Informational images found at Isagenix Social Media Library


30 Day and Beyond posts

1.  Progress photo of you. Everyone is different.  It is important to keep posting but do the results photo when you are ready

2.  Progress photo of other team members

3.  Progress of someone you have enrolled

or any of the above mentioned


It is important to be compliant. This product is not intended to cure, prevent or treat any disease.

Here are some “approved claims” for Collagen Elixir (each still needs the FDA disclaimer* below):

- Supports healthy hair, skin, and nails*

- Helps promote skin elasticity and firmness*

- Supports collagen production to help maintain a more youthful appearance*

- Hydrates the skin from within for a healthy glow*

- Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles* (NOTE: Do not say “reduces wrinkles”)

And here is some guidance on “before and after” photos:

1. Always include the following disclaimer prominently on the photo:

“Results not typical. In a preliminary study, participants experienced a 9.5% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles over 30 days.”

(Note: As new studies are completed the disclaimer may change. The most current disclaimer can be found at Collagen Elixir Guidance Document)

2. Share real results – provided the results are consistent with approved claims, such as a photo showing a moderate reduction in the appearance of wrinkles; but do not post results that are simply “too good to be true”

3. Wait at least 30 days before posting your own before/after photos

4. Before and after photos showing the appearance of reduced wrinkles are permitted; hair regrowth photos are not (we do not have the necessary testing to support hair regrowth claims)

5. Practical guidelines:

a. Use a high-resolution camera if possible

b. Use same camera angle for both before and after photos

c. Take both photos in same location with same lighting

d. Do NOT edit or use filters of any kind on either photo

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