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Vision Casting Call

The purpose of this call is to cast vision and get people paid immediately!!

Step 1: Share your story or the story of someone they might relate to.

Step 2: Cast Vision

Step 3: If applicable, Go over the Business Builder Q & A

Step 4: Show them the money (options below)

  • Draw out comp plan on zoom whiteboard

  • Draw out comp plan on regular whiteboard

  • You Share, They Share via power power point 

Step 5: Go over Crystal Rank Advancements, show them the dates in the back office

Step 6: Show them the resources on the ignite website and how easy it is to share
Step 7:  Help them make a post

Step 8:  Do some reachouts with them

Step 9:  Give them a few intentions based on their level of commitment

Step 10: Schedule a follow up call

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