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Reach-out "Ideas"


If anyone responds YES to wanting more info, simply start a 3-way message or text with that person and your upline!

1. Hey_____I'm so sick of feeling ____, ____ and ____. I decided to start this nutritional system and I'm going to do it with or without you but I'd rather do it with you.  Are you open to checking it out?

2.  "Hey Luke, How are you? I couldn't help but reach out to you!! I am so excited!! I recently started this nutritional system after watching my friend Yoda transform his health. Since I've been doing it I've experienced _, _ and _. I thought of you because ___, ___ and_____. It's certainly not for everyone but based on what I know about you I think you're going to be really happy I shared this with you!! I could be wrong and if so no hard feelings whatsoever.  Would you be open to

  • "hearing more about it?"

  • "taking a look at some info"

  • "info?"


3.  Hey Wilma! How are you? Not sure if you've seen my posts on fb recently but I am super excited about the results I have gotten in such a short time on this nutritional system that my friend Pebbles introduced me to, Betty, Barney and Fred are on board as well after seeing my results. The bonus is, we have created so much interest with our quick visible results people have started approaching us wanting to get healthy as well. We are getting our products for free as a result!!  Couldn't help but reach out to you because ___, ___ and ___. It may or may not be for you and if not no hard feelings but are you open to

  • “hearing more about it?”

  • “receiving some info?”

Or simply

  • “info?"

4.  You: Hey, ___ ! Any interest in starting a health and wellness system with me? I’ve only been using it ___ (number of days) and am already experiencing ____ (explain your results). I was tired of seeing everyone else’s “before” and “after” photos and was ready for my own! It’s simple to follow, and everything tastes ________. Want to try it with me?

5.  Click here for live Pivot on Purpose Reachout


6.  You: Hey, ___ ! I was recently introduced to an amazing global health and wellness company. I’ve only been using their system for ____ (days/weeks/months) and have experienced ___, ____, and ____ (your authentic experience). When I looked at the business side of things, I realized that there is an incredible financial opportunity along with the amazing products, too.

Now, I know you (love your job/are really passionate about your business/already have so many irons in the fire already, etc.), but you’re one of the most ______, ______, and ______ (write from the heart) people I’ve ever met, and I just think the world of you. I’m going to run with this, and I think you’d absolutely crush it, too.

Ultimately, I have no idea whether this will be for you…But if it is, you’re going to be really happy I shared it with you. Would you be open to taking a look and learning more about it?

EASY REACHOUT FORMULA: Hey _____, COMPLIMENT, ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR BUSY SCHEDULE (if it applies) -or- LACK THERE OF (out of work perhaps),COMPLIMENT #2 (in alignment with isa) ex: passion for helping others, passion for health & wellness, passion fitness, entrepreneurial spirit, killer work ethic. I THINK YOU'D BE GREAT AT WHAT I DO, REFER TO CHEAT SHEET TO ASK PERMISSION.

Some reasons to fill in the blanks:

  • busy schedule

  • always in the gym

  • mentioned lack of sleep

  • desire to help others

  • you struggle with dieting

  • mentioned a desire losing weight

  • open mindedness to new things

  • struggle with low energy

  •  healthy lifestyle

  • recently joining a gym

  • struggle with sleep

  • mentioned a desire to improve your health

  • mentioned looking for part-time work

  • entrepreneurial spirit

  • business mind

  • positive attitude

  •  recent layoff

  • heart of service

  • recent health scare

  • mentioned being exhausted

  • personal training background

  •  training for a marathon

  • dissatisfaction with the program you recently tried

  • mentioned on fb struggling through your work-outs

  • knowledge in regard to the importance of good health

  • are so athletic and appreciate good nutrition

  • mentioned skipping meals as a result of your busy schedule

  • Passionate

  • Hard Working

  • Energetic

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Happy

  • Positive

  • Motivated

  • Caring

  • Big Hearted

  • Smart

  • Intuitive

  • Compassionate

  • Authentic

  • Genuine 

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