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                                                                    Text A Few (Collagen)

You: Hey,  I’m about to start (or I just started) using a new marine collagen product that’s brand new to the (US/CA etc)  market. Think you’d love it. 


Them: What is it? 


You: A friend of mine introduced me to it, it’s called Collagen Elixir You should see some of the results people are getting...I’m talking wrinkles reducing, lines fading, skin texture becoming more hydrated, it's chemical free and clean sourcing.  (if you're already seeing results, you can compliantly share those now).  Wanna see some pics?  


Them: Yes


You: (drop in 2-3 pics of people in their age/skin demo if possible)


They’ll say wow, and probably ask a question about the product.  


You:  I actually have a 2-minute video that explains the product, want me to drop it in here? 


Them: Yes for sure! 


You: (send video) Here you go.


They will either come back with questions, or “how can I order?” or if they drop off, just circle back and ask  “Did you have a chance to watch the video? What are some questions I can answer for you?”


You handle objections/Answer Questions (using images)


Continue to ask “Are there any other questions I can answer for you?” 


Them: How do I get started? 


You present packs (You can use image and/or the following in text or as a voice memo): 


You: These are the two best options, but if neither work we can customize something that best fits your budget.


One option is 40 doses for $152 + shipping and tax


But if you really wanna accelerate your results and get the better deal, for just about $50 more you get 60 doses for $204 which is like getting 6 doses for free.


If you let me know which you prefer I can just send you a pre-loaded cart link for an easy checkout option.


Which works best for you?


Them: The 6-Pack 


You: Great, I’ll send a link right over. 

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