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Social Media Posting Templates

Text to Post Before starting:

“After watching my friend (Enter and Tag Enrolling Sponsors Name) release/experience/have _____________, ___________, and __________  using an amazing Superfood Nutritional Cleansing system, I decided it was time for me to experience similar results, because I was tired of feeling _________, ___________ and ________. I’m so excited to get started and to get my body back. My system hasn’t even arrived yet and I’d love to have some of my good friends join me on this journey so we can hold each other accountable and get the healthiest we’ve ever been together. Who’s up for looking and feeling their best?”

Text to Post after Product Results:

“Before I found this system, I was feeling ____________, ______________ and _________ and I’d had enough. After watching tons of my friends get results, I finally decided to get started on an amazing superfood nutritional cleansing system and I can’t believe what’s happened!

I’ve already experienced/have released ___________, __________ and ___________!! I’d tried so many things before this and I’m just so grateful to my friend (Name of Mentor for introducing this to me. It’s super simple to follow and everything tastes amazing! Finally, a solution that actually works!!!”

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