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Welcome Email

Subject: Welcome [enrollment]!

Cc: YOUR UPLINE [person who enrolled you] and ANOTHER UPLINE [person who enrolled your upline]

[Hi ________,


Welcome to Isagenix! Before I started my journey with Isagenix I was _______,_______, and _______. Since beginning the system I am now ______,______, and _________.  (Or whatever you feel like writing :) you can mention the support we give, how we will be there to answer any questions, etc.]


Before your scheduled Product Introduction call on [Month, Day at 0:00], please review the following information:

1.  Click here: 


Please complete the following steps to set yourself up for success:

                    a.  Be sure to go to our Welcome to Isagenix Page and watch ALL 4 Videos

  • Orientation with Kathy Coover (let us know if you are a 1, 2 or 3

  • How to do a Shake Day.

  • How to do a Cleanse Day

  • What if Your Products Were Paid For

                    b.  Open and/or print out the System Guide​

                    c.  Familiarize yourself with the additional resources provided

2.  Make sure to download the Isalife app

3.  Your Isagenix Back Office Log in information



     First Lifestyle Rewards: (Month/Day)

Before your first 30 days are complete, we will have a Health Analysis call. We will re-evaluate your goals, discuss which products will be best for you moving forward, and adjust your Lifestyle Rewards accordingly. Right now, I have you on the 30 Day System. We will want to customize this based on your progress. You have complete access to your wholesale account with the log in information above.

3. I have added you to our private facebook group, Ignite and Revive Tribe. This is our central hub for networking with our community, support, breaking news, resources and more. It will be a huge asset on your journey with all the free coaching and support and gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people.

4.  Here is my personal information , and 2 other upline members. We are here to support you the best we can! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or results to celebrate!


                [ Your Namephone # email

                [Upline namephone #email

                [Upline namephone #email



Best wishes,

               [Your name]

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